Fire Hazards

Control combustibles and inflammable materials and ensure safe storage within the work place.

Check wiring and electrical appliances regularly for safety. Are correct fuses used etc.

Clear rubbish and combustible materials from the site.

Allow smoking in designated areas only.

Fire exits

Are there a sufficient number of fire exits and do they lead to places of safety? Are they unlocked? Escape Routes must be kept clear, and free of obstructions.

The building must be properly maintained so that stairways and passageways are safe.

Signage indicating Fire Exits and Escape Routes.

Emergency Lighting for escape routes and exits, install and check regularly.

Evacuation and Planning

Evacuation plans to be made and drills rehearsed regularly

Fire Wardens to be trained.

Insurers to be consulted for their advice and requirements.

Have you prepared an emergency plan and communicated it to all staff?

Fire Detection

Do you need an Automatic Fire Detection and Fire Alarm system? It must be maintained and tested regularly.

When making changes to the building, ensure that the Fire Alarm or escape routes or exits are not compromised.

Is the Fire Alarm connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre for calling out the Brigade automatically (recommended).

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